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Anyone Can Clean a Window!

Posted by Jason Evers On August 13th

Anyone can clean a window, but what we strive for at Coastline is the customer experience!















Yes, when you hire a window cleaner you have certain expectations.
The windows should be clean. You should be…

…able to see through it with no streaks. Now that is the easy part. What we do at Coastline is focus on a great customer experience. How do we do that? We listen to our customers.

Every customer has a different expectation of a clean window. Some customers believe that you just scrape off any paint over spray, and any hard water should be removed during a window cleaning. Other customers think the tracks need to be cleaned, by opening the windows and taking a Shop-Vac and cleaning them out. We don’t know that unless we ask our customers what their expectations are. Then we make sure we meet those expectations.

We don’t spend all our time training our window cleaners on how to clean windows. That is pretty easy and can be taught within a week.

What we focus on is the customer’s experience:

  • Are our employees listening to the customers?
  • When they move furniture, are they putting it right back on the exact spot where it was previously on the carpet? So maybe a seventy or eighty year old woman, when we just finished working at her home, doesn’t have to worry about lifting or about moving some big furniture after we leave.
  • If we move something heavy like a big flower arrangement off of a table, do we put it right back where it was?
  • If the blinds were open, do we leave them open? If the blinds were closed do we leave them in that position? At homes with 40+ windows, could you imagine if you left them shut when they had been opened?  The homeowner would have to go all through the house to open them.

We are really looking for the customer experience that when we leave the customer is very happy, so we focus on how our employees act around our customers. Are they friendly? Are they nice? Do they take time out to say “please”, “thank you”, “yes”?

Overall anyone can clean a window, but not everyone can create a great experience for the customer. After 20 years, we are happy to say we do deliver on that.

Would you like us to clean your windows? Contact us online or call (239) 481-0083. We’ll be happy to give you a quote!

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