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Roof Cleaning – The True Benefits

Posted by Jason Evers On March 25th

Interested in improving your curb appeal and saving money? A roof cleaning can do just that!

Before Roof Cleaning

Before Roof Cleaning

After Roof Cleaning

After Roof Cleaning

Do you have unsightly mold and mildew on your roof? Is your white roof turning black and attracting more heat from the sun because of the mold and mildew? We understand your concern on how this can lessen your curb appeal, and increase air conditioning bills.

It’s like when you drive a black car. If you park the black car next to a white car, chances are if you look at the temperature gauge inside both cars, the black will be a lot hotter. Why – because the black is attracting the heat from the sun. The same thing happens with your roof. If you have a white roof and it’s now black because of the mold and mildew, it’s attracting heat. Pressure washing your roof, or using a chemical cleaning for soft wash systems, can get rid of the mold and mildew.

The benefits for you: your house looks great and the curb appeal is restored! You also save money with lower electric bills.

There is one more benefit of roof cleaning: your insurance company won’t have the opportunity to cancel your insurance due to a dirty roof that has mold or algae growing on it. Interested in learning more? Watch this YouTube video!

Are you ready to have your roof cleaned? The Coastline team will be happy to pressure wash or soft wash your roof. Call us 239-481-0083 or get an online quote.

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