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Have you ever gone out to a restaurant? I can tell you that one of my favorite restaurants is P.F. Changs. The reason I love this restaurant so much is not because their entrees, which are great, but because of their appetizers. One appetizer in particular, chicken lettuce wraps. Their chicken lettuce wraps are so delicious that I couldn’t imagine having dinner without having my lettuce wraps first. To be honest with you, I have never gone to P.F. Changs without ordering their lettuce wraps.

Coastline Window Cleaning

Now that is how we feel at Coastline Window Cleaning when it comes to cleaning windows before we pressure wash a house.  Let me explain…

we can come out and clean your windows, and sure we can make your windows look spotless and clean. However, what makes it very difficult is when there is mold and mildew, the kind found in Southwest Florida, as well as cobwebs, dirt, and debris all around your window frames. By having us pressure clean first with a low pressure wash, we can clean all the soffits, siding, and get rid of all that mold, mildew and dirt. So now when the job is completed, we can walk away and leave your home looking perfect. The frames, the walls, the siding, and the gutters are all clean.

To me, pressure washing and window cleaning go hand in hand, just like lettuce wraps and an entree. If you want your house to look spectacular, come on let’s face it you need to order the complete deal. At P.F. Changs, it’s lettuce wraps. At Coastline, it’s pressure washing!

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