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Why We Pressure Wash

Posted by Jason Evers On September 24th

In 1994, we were running the business solely as a window cleaning company.

Pressure Washing       Pressure Wash

We listened to our customers. Our customers were always asking:

  • “Do you know somebody that can pressure wash this?”
  • “Do you know somebody that can clean that?”
  • “Do you know somebody that can clean a pool cage, deck, driveway and roof?”

I was giving the referrals to another company I knew. However, all my customers were saying the same thing: “Boy Jason, we wish you guys would do this. We would hire you. You do such a good job with window cleaning. The other guy you sent us is really nice, but he doesn’t always show up right when he says he is going to. He just doesn’t do the quality of work you do.”

There was a customer of mine, I will never forget him out on West Gulf Drive, that told me: “Jason whatever it takes to get you into pressure washing we are going to do!” He volunteered to have me clean his house, and he paid me a lot of money. He gave me the money to rent the machine and buy all the chemicals, and then allowed me to practice on his house.

What a great way to start pressure washing, having a customer of yours say: “Hey Jason, whatever it takes, we want you out there cleaning for us. We are not only willing to pay you, but we are also willing to let you practice on our big, beautiful mansion out on Sanibel Island. ”

I will always be appreciative of that customer. I can’t say that the first day of doing that job was very easy, but after a period of time we have become better and better at it. It was because of our customers that asked us to start pressure washing that we pressure wash today!

When it is time for your next pressure wash, call (239) 481-0083 or contact us online. Be sure to get your quote on our website by clicking “Get A Quote Now” on our home page.


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