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Window Cleaning is the Easy Part

Posted by Jason Evers On September 11th

In 1993, when I started this window cleaning business, it was no more than me, a bucket, and a squeegee.

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The one thing that I got excited about is when I got a new client. I wanted to make sure that I did everything I could do to make their window cleaning job perfect!

What I found out…

..after cleaning the windows, cleaning the window frames, wiping off the window sills, putting a drop cloth down, and making sure I had the proper foot covering to make sure that I wouldn’t harm the house or dirty the carpet, was at the end of the day was that people really appreciated the fact that I showed up on time. I showed up when I said I was going to be there.

Hey, we have all heard the cable company say they will be there between 8 am and 4 pm, and you spend your whole day sitting there waiting for them. Now in my business I schedule my first job at 8 o’clock, second job at 11 o’clock, and the next job at 2 o’clock. I would sit there at the front of their house and make sure I rang the doorbell right on time.

On Sanibel, a lot of my morning customers were telling others that if you have Jason he is a great window cleaner but make sure you are ready in the morning. Usually I would meet people in the morning and they would be in their nightgown. The first thing they would say is “Wow, we didn’t know you would be here on time”.

I always told them I would be there at 8 o’clock. In Southwest Florida 8 o’clock in the morning never meant 8 am. Most people just assumed that you would be late, but I built my professional window cleaning business up by being on time.

At Coastline Window Cleaning, when it comes to our customers, time is everything and we understand that. Taking time out of your day to have your windows cleaned is something we respect. That’s why we are always there on time!

The next time you need your windows cleaned, call (239) 481-0083 or contact us online. If you would like to get your quote now, go to our website, then click “Get A Quote Now”!

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