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So many times we have the opportunity to work at the most beautiful homes in Southwest Florida. The fact that we are privileged to see these beautiful homes is just one of the things that we love about our job. What we have noticed over the years is that some of these homes don’t have any outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting

It is great to have a dazzling clean roof, sparkling clean windows and a lush landscape, however, what highlights a  home is outdoor illumination. Your house will not only look beautiful during the day, but at night it will shine.
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Brick Paver Driveways Should Be Cleaned and Then Sealed!

Posted by Jason Evers On October 14th

Has your brick paver driveway lost its luster? Has the color of your brick pavers started to fade? Would you like your driveway to look like new again?

Brick Paver
Quite often our homeowners ask us to come out and pressure wash their driveways. In Southwest Florida, many of our homes have brick paver driveways that look beautiful. However, the problem with brick paver driveways is that they lose their luster over time.

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Screen Enclosures Need to Be Checked Closely

Posted by Jason Evers On October 1st

Have you taken a close look at your screen enclosure lately? Did you check the seams to see if they are breaking loose? Have your black screens turned silver?

Screen Enclosures

At Coastline, anytime we are out pressure washing houses, we’re also cleaning the screen enclosures too. Many times we can see how Mother Nature has been at work, fading the screening and loosening the seams. What starts out as a black screen that allows the beautiful sunshine through, ends up as a silver screen with a diminished view of the sun.

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