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Many times when we are out pressure washing a house, we will be cleaning the outside of the house, and we will notice that when we get the house wet a lot of ants will appear.

Pest Management

What we have experienced in the past is that they are usually carpenter ants. When we spray the house, all of a sudden they will come running out from around the outside of the house.

When this happens, we bring it to the attention of our homeowner. At Coastline Window Cleaning, we share with our homeowner what happened when we sprayed the side of their house and explain how it could be harming their wood and even damaging it long-term.

That’s when our pest management relationship with companies like Larue Pest Management is helpful. We suggest that our homeowner contacts Larue to come out and take care of their home. Larue does a great job. They will inspect the situation and figure out exactly what our homeowner needs.

The spiraling whitefly has become very popular too. Some people think it is mold and mildew on their homes and roofs, but it turns out to be the spiraling whitefly.  We can clean it off, but what we recommend is calling Keith at Larue Pest Management. They’ll come out to evaluate the situation and make sure that the spiraling whiteflies don’t come back. Unfortunately if you don’t kill the spiraling whitefly, it will always return.

At Coastline, we take pride in helping our homeowners any way we can. Having a good relationship with a reputable pest management company is one of the many ways we service our homeowners.

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