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Do you know the best method for cleaning windows?

Cleaning Windows

Most window cleaners use it. Read on to find out.

When it’s time to clean your windows, especially those dog marks or maybe even the marks from the little tree frogs that sit on your sliding glass doors when your porch light is on, you need the right supplies on hand. Don’t have them? You’ll have to make a special trip to the hardware to get them. When it is time to tackle the “big stuff”, the windows where you need to use at least a 2 foot ladder or taller, you’ll need the correct size ladder. Be extremely careful, more people are hurt on a 2 foot ladder than any other! It only takes one fall to break your hip and get injured.

Did you know that more people get hurt on a 2 foot ladder opposed to a 20 or 30 foot ladder? It’s true because they are trying to clean windows out of their reach from such a small ladder.

When it comes to cleaning windows safety, I am always amazed at how many homeowners will go out there and do their own window cleaning. For the most part cleaning windows can be safe, especially if you are cleaning your sliding glass doors or some of those low windows where it is easy to reach them. But with the “big stuff” be careful.

If I were to clean your windows, I would not recommend going out and getting yourself tradition Windex® and trying to do them by hand. But I would recommend going out and buying yourself a squeegee. You can get them at Home Depot or other stores like an ACE Hardware. Then fill up your bucket with soap and water, use a sponge or something to apply the soap to the window, and squeegee it off.  Nothing works better than a little bit of Dawn dish soap and water. It’s kind of like a window cleaner’s secret. I would say 95% of the window cleaners around the country use exactly that.

If you decide to invest in a sturdy ladder for the “big stuff”, look at fiberglass or aluminum. Never buy a wooden ladder. The problem with a wooden ladder is when it gets wet it expands and the joints loosen up. Wooden ladders are the cheapest ladder you can buy and that’s for a reason, they are not sturdy and they don’t hold weight.

I hope these tips have helped you when it comes to cleaning windows. Remember, our team at Coastline will be happy to come out and clean your windows for you. Especially the ones that are a little bit out of your reach! Call us 239-481-0083 or get an online quote.

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