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Yes! You can clean a roof without stepping on it, that is if you are able to access your roof from a ladder. Beware of screened enclosures on the back of your house, they can be a problem!

Clean a Roof

If you have a screened enclosure, go around the back of your home and look at it. You’ll see that the screened enclosure is built right up to your roof line. This means the whole back side of the house can’t be…

accessed from a ladder. When you spray roof-cleaning products with battery-operated pumps or even gas-powered pumps, they will only reach a maximum of 40–50 feet. With the additional distance added by the screened enclosure, some parts of the roof may be very difficult to reach.

In our business, we can clean a lot of the roof area from our ladders. However, if we are being totally honest, when you do it yourself, you won’t be able to do a thorough job and get complete coverage. You’re also risking the fact that a lot of your product is becoming airborne. This is a waste of the product and it’s also never good to have over-spray blowing on to your neighbor’s house, car, or property. We try to avoid that.

What about using a boom lift to clean a roof?

You probably have read advertisements around Southwest Florida of companies saying that they do not walk on your tile, but use a boom truck. Here’s the problem – unless you have a 120 foot boom, which is unheard of in Southwest Florida, you’re usually looking at 40 to a 60 foot boom. That’s if you have rented one with wheels. For the traditional trucks that you can rent, I have never seen them with more than a 50 foot operating boom. Many will say 60, but their actual work height is 50 feet.

Time to do the math! If you’re at a 10,000 sq.ft. home, how are you going to reach the back side of the house? That’s the problem with the boom truck! Yes you can clean the roof on the front of the house but how are you going to clean the back of it? What you will notice, when it comes to cleaning the backside of your house, is that a lot of guys will use the boom lift as a way to tie off safety ropes. They will put the boom over the middle of the roof, then tie their safely ropes to it. Sometimes they will just do the back side of the house by standing on your roof tiles.

I always have a hard time when I see those ads. Unless you can drive around the whole property (most of the homes here in Southwest Florida don’t have a ton of acreage) you risk driving over sprinkler-heads, etc. It is not a feasible alternative.

Our business does use boom trucks on commercial buildings and other areas where we are trying to access the roof line. Especially when we can drive around the building on concrete. That’s when it works the best, but we do try to minimize their use.

How does Coastline keep from breaking tiles when we clean a roof?

If the roof has been maintained and is in good shape, we usually don’t have any problems – if you walk on the roof properly. If somebody asks you to come out and clean a roof that is 30 years old and has pretty much reached it age limit, has not been maintained or taken care, then it presents a problem. You can tell immediately when the tiles are breaking under your feet. When that happens, we try to clean it from a ladder. We tell the customers there are going to be areas that we just can’t get to unless they want to call a roofer to replace some tiles that may crack. If we need to tell them this, chances are they need a new roof. We’re just trying to buy them maybe another year or two, before they have to replace their roof.

Interested in getting your roof cleaned? Need a quote from a qualified, licensed and insured company! Contact Coastline Window Cleaning or call 239-481-0083.

We service homes all around Southwest Florida: Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples, Sanibel Island and Captiva Island, Florida. Coastline Window Cleaning is a Certified Pro with the Quality Service Pros.

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