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What type of guarantee does your window cleaning company offer you?

Is your company licensed and insured?

Does your company believe that knowledge is power, and it is important to educate their customers?

100% Guaranteed
Windows are your eyes to the outside world. Clean windows can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your home. Are you satisfied with how your windows look?

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Are you satisfied with your current window cleaning company?

Do they truly listen to you, and meet your needs?

Are they caring and compassionate?

Window Cleaning

Finding a window cleaning company that has a passion for each service they deliver can be difficult. Unfortunately, not all companies are worthy of your business or deliver the service you deserve.

Coastline Window Cleaning has you covered!

Look no further, you have found a full-service window cleaning company that loves what we do…
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How do you clean the high windows on your home or building? The ones you can’t reach?

When you use a ladder, does it leave indentations on the ledge?

Waterfed Pole System

So…you don’t like dirty windows. None of us do. There is nothing pleasant about pulling up to your home and noticing that the 2nd floor windows are dirty again.

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What do you look for when hiring a window cleaning company?

Does teamwork rank high on your list?

Do you enjoy working with a team that have a passion for what they do?

Coastline Window Cleaning

When you’re ready to hire a window cleaning company, we always suggest you check that they are licensed and insured, and ask for references that you can call. But that is just the first step.

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Have You Considered Window Tinting?

Posted by Jason Evers On January 13th

Do you live in Southwest Florida where the direct sunlight constantly comes through your windows? Does it heat up your windows as well as the rooms in your house? When you have your windows washed, does steam form from the inside of them?

Window Tinting

Many times when you walk into a room you’ll find that you squint your eyes due to the bright sun shining directly through the window. Over time, the strong rays of the sun continually beating on your windows not only increases the temperature in your house, but also bleaches your furniture and carpeting.

A lot of homeowners don’t realize that there is a way to protect their furniture and carpeting from the direct sunlight, as well as lower the heat in their rooms. Home window tinting reduces the heat coming into the room and minimizes the direct sunlight. By applying a light coat of film to the windows, your furniture and everything else will be protected from the direct sun. It can even lower your electric bill.

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Does Your Carpet Still Look Like New?

Posted by Jason Evers On December 31st

Can you remember the day you had your new carpeting installed? Has it been a while since you took a really good look at it?



At Coastline Window Cleaning, our top priority is great customer service. When we clean your windows inside, we make sure that we move your couch and chairs away from the windows before we clean them.

Many times we’ll notice that the carpet has started to fade around the furniture. We’ll see a fresh, clean patch of carpet where the furniture was, but the rest of the carpet looks sun bleached.

The first step we take is to notify the homeowner, showing them where their carpeting has faded.

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Curb Appeal – The First Step When Marketing Your Home

Posted by Jason Evers On December 9th

How would your house show? What type of curb appeal does it have?

Curb Appeal

Many times we are out pressure washing a roof or cleaning the windows of a house in Southwest Florida, when we are asked to clean the entire exterior of the home as well. In addition to the house exterior, we clean the pool cage, the driveway, and the deck. All the things we do to make a house beautiful and enhance its curb appeal.

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So many times we have the opportunity to work at the most beautiful homes in Southwest Florida. The fact that we are privileged to see these beautiful homes is just one of the things that we love about our job. What we have noticed over the years is that some of these homes don’t have any outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting

It is great to have a dazzling clean roof, sparkling clean windows and a lush landscape, however, what highlights a  home is outdoor illumination. Your house will not only look beautiful during the day, but at night it will shine.
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Is it time to clean your windows? Do you like to clean them yourself? Are you getting the results you want?

Window Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the windows at your house can be difficult. Here are five helpful window cleaning tips:

More and more people are creating outdoor living spaces. You read about it in design magazines. You see it on HGTV.

Professional Window Cleaning

A lot of my close friends are custom remodelers, here in Fort Myers. They do an excellent job of creating outdoor living spaces.

What drives me nuts as a window cleaner is that people will spend forty, fifty, hundreds of thousands of dollars on a gorgeous outdoor living space just so they can incorporate the outdoors into the indoors, but the one thing they don’t do is…

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