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Have you ever gone out to a restaurant? I can tell you that one of my favorite restaurants is P.F. Changs. The reason I love this restaurant so much is not because their entrees, which are great, but because of their appetizers. One appetizer in particular, chicken lettuce wraps. Their chicken lettuce wraps are so delicious that I couldn’t imagine having dinner without having my lettuce wraps first. To be honest with you, I have never gone to P.F. Changs without ordering their lettuce wraps.

Coastline Window Cleaning

Now that is how we feel at Coastline Window Cleaning when it comes to cleaning windows before we pressure wash a house.  Let me explain…

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Clean Windows Are A Top Priority

Posted by Jason Evers On November 5th

At Coastline Window Cleaning, our goal is for you to have beautiful clean windows all the time. Unfortunately, it is not in everybody’s budget to have their own personal window cleaner on staff 24/7.

Clean Windows

You know the times when your dogs just walk up to the window and leave their nose prints.

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Creating Window Cleaning Service Cheerleaders

Posted by Jason Evers On October 8th

When it comes to running any business successfully, you have to have cheerleaders.

Window Cleaning Service

What I mean by that is whether you are selling a product, or you are offering a service like a window cleaning service, you always need your customers to spread the word about your service.
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Window Cleaning is the Easy Part

Posted by Jason Evers On September 11th

In 1993, when I started this window cleaning business, it was no more than me, a bucket, and a squeegee.

Window Cleaning










The one thing that I got excited about is when I got a new client. I wanted to make sure that I did everything I could do to make their window cleaning job perfect!

What I found out…

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While You Are Up There, Could You Clean the Ceiling Fan?

Posted by Jason Evers On August 27th

So many times while cleaning commercial and residential buildings and homes, my employees always hear the same thing.

clean ceiling fan















“Hey, while you are up there on that ladder:

…could you clean the ceiling fan?
…could you dust that plant shelf?
…could you wipe down that chandelier?
…could you change the batteries in our smoke detectors?”

Our answer is always the same:

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Anyone Can Clean a Window!

Posted by Jason Evers On August 13th

Anyone can clean a window, but what we strive for at Coastline is the customer experience!















Yes, when you hire a window cleaner you have certain expectations.
The windows should be clean. You should be…

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Commercial Window Cleaning Makes a Big Difference

Posted by Jason Evers On July 2nd

Have you ever been sitting in a restaurant, eating dinner, and found yourself looking out dirty windows? It can ruin the experience! Commercial window cleaning can change that!

Commercial Window Cleaning

This is how my family looks while eating with clear views at Three Fishermen Restaurant in Fort Myers, the big smiles may have a little to do with the fact that we are about to eat some awesome crab legs 🙂 (Click photo to visit Three Fishermen’s website.)

How about when you are at the beach, you have family in town, you are planning a nice dinner, and they want to go to a restaurant that overlooks our beautiful gulf views here in sunny Southwest Florida. How disappointing is it when you are finally seated and end up having to look through dirty windows at the view. Your view is obstructed, and the experience isn’t so memorable.

I can’t tell you…

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How To Clean Tinted Windows Without Scratching Them

Posted by Jason Evers On June 4th

Do you have tinted windows? Are you thinking about getting your windows tinted?

How to Clean Tinted Windows

Do you need help on how to clean tinted windows correctly?

When your tinted windows are new, they look great. We understand your desire to keep them looking like new. Knowing the correct way to wash your tinted windows is the first step.

The first thing you need to know is…

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Windows With Direct Sunlight Poise Problems

Posted by Jason Evers On May 20th

Are some of your windows in direct sunlight?

Direct Sunlight











Does the direct sunlight shining through your windows draw attention to the dirt on them? More important – is the direct sunlight that is coming through your windows causing your carpet, furniture and window treatments to fade?

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Window Cleaning Frequency – The Big Question!

Posted by Jason Evers On April 22nd

How often do I need to schedule a good window cleaning?

Window Cleaning

As a window cleaner, I am often asked these questions:

#1 – How often should I get my windows cleaned and do I need to get them cleaned on a regular basis?

The answer –
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