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Curb Appeal – The First Step When Marketing Your Home

Posted by Jason Evers On December 9th

How would your house show? What type of curb appeal does it have?

Curb Appeal

Many times we are out pressure washing a roof or cleaning the windows of a house in Southwest Florida, when we are asked to clean the entire exterior of the home as well. In addition to the house exterior, we clean the pool cage, the driveway, and the deck. All the things we do to make a house beautiful and enhance its curb appeal.

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When was the last time you had your roof cleaned? Is the dirty runoff from your roof draining directly into your pool?

Roof Cleaning & Runoff

When you are in the roof cleaning and the exterior pressure washing business, it is not uncommon to find a number of beautiful homes have dirty runoff from their roof running directly over the edge of their pool. If they are fortunate enough to have a gutter system that captures the runoff and redirects it, that’s great, but sometimes it is impossible to keep the water and dirt from coming off the roof directly into the pool.

At Coastline Window Cleaning, we offer a roof maintenance program. We come out every year to maintain your clean roof, getting rid of the start of any mold and mildew. However, we do find roofs that haven’t been cleaned for a while, and the dirty runoff is draining directly into the pool.  Then we know it is time to take the next step, contacting a pool company. Of all the pool companies in Southwest Florida, there is only one that we recommend, Joe Mitchell and his team at Pool Pros Inc.

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Brick Paver Driveways Should Be Cleaned and Then Sealed!

Posted by Jason Evers On October 14th

Has your brick paver driveway lost its luster? Has the color of your brick pavers started to fade? Would you like your driveway to look like new again?

Brick Paver
Quite often our homeowners ask us to come out and pressure wash their driveways. In Southwest Florida, many of our homes have brick paver driveways that look beautiful. However, the problem with brick paver driveways is that they lose their luster over time.

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Screen Enclosures Need to Be Checked Closely

Posted by Jason Evers On October 1st

Have you taken a close look at your screen enclosure lately? Did you check the seams to see if they are breaking loose? Have your black screens turned silver?

Screen Enclosures

At Coastline, anytime we are out pressure washing houses, we’re also cleaning the screen enclosures too. Many times we can see how Mother Nature has been at work, fading the screening and loosening the seams. What starts out as a black screen that allows the beautiful sunshine through, ends up as a silver screen with a diminished view of the sun.

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Is it that time again? Tired of looking at that mold and mildew on your home? Time to do something about it?

professional painters


At Coastline, we can easily remove the mold and mildew by pressure washing your home, as well as perform a check to see if your home is in need of some fresh paint. When you take your hand and rub it down the outside of the house, if you see a chalky white film on your hand then your house most likely needs to be painted.

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A Pest Management Relationship Can Be Quite Helpful

Posted by Jason Evers On August 19th

Many times when we are out pressure washing a house, we will be cleaning the outside of the house, and we will notice that when we get the house wet a lot of ants will appear.

Pest Management

What we have experienced in the past is that they are usually carpenter ants. When we spray the house, all of a sudden they will come running out from around the outside of the house.

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Coastline Window Cleaning Employees “Walk on Water”?

Posted by Jason Evers On April 22nd

Judging by the picture below you would think that our employees can “walk on water”.

Coastline Window Cleaning

Although we like to say that they can, obviously they can’t.

We know that finding a company with employees that share the goal of making sure they get everything right the first time can be…

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Pressure Washing Your House Can Have Extra Benefits!

Posted by Jason Evers On January 15th

Many times when our team at Coastline Window Cleaning is out pressure washing your house, especially the exterior of it, we’ll notice that your pool equipment and AC equipment is very dirty with mold and mildew.

Pressure Washing Your House

It’s very important, especially with pool equipment, to make sure you keep it clean of mold and mildew. Both mold and mildew can get into different areas of the equipment and cause…

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Pressure Washing for Safety Reasons

Posted by Jason Evers On December 3rd

A lot of times when Coastline Window Cleaning comes out to visit a home, we find there is mold and mildew along the driveway and walkway. It doesn’t look very nice. But what is more important for you to know is what happens to that mold and mildew when it gets wet? It gets very slippery.

Pressure Washing

The last thing we want to happen, when someone is coming to visit your house or your grandkids or your children are walking up to your front door, is that they slip or fall because of the mold and mildew. By simply putting.. Read the rest of this entry »

Have you ever gone out to a restaurant? I can tell you that one of my favorite restaurants is P.F. Changs. The reason I love this restaurant so much is not because their entrees, which are great, but because of their appetizers. One appetizer in particular, chicken lettuce wraps. Their chicken lettuce wraps are so delicious that I couldn’t imagine having dinner without having my lettuce wraps first. To be honest with you, I have never gone to P.F. Changs without ordering their lettuce wraps.

Coastline Window Cleaning

Now that is how we feel at Coastline Window Cleaning when it comes to cleaning windows before we pressure wash a house.  Let me explain…

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