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A Pest Management Relationship Can Be Quite Helpful

Posted by Jason Evers On August 19th

Many times when we are out pressure washing a house, we will be cleaning the outside of the house, and we will notice that when we get the house wet a lot of ants will appear.

Pest Management

What we have experienced in the past is that they are usually carpenter ants. When we spray the house, all of a sudden they will come running out from around the outside of the house.

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It can be hard for a homeowner to stay on top of all the things that need attention on the outside of their home. At Coastline Window Cleaning, we understand that.


When we’re on a job site, we take the opportunity to note if there are any damaged plants or dead plants before we begin our roof cleaning process or working on the outside of the home. While we’re working and washing windows, we get very close to our homeowner’s landscaping. Since we get into some tight areas while cleaning windows, many times we see things that the homeowner isn’t aware of.

It may be seeing something as simple as damaged or dead plants, a sprinkler head that has been knocked over, or maybe some outdoor lighting that has been tripped over and knocked down. The homeowner may not know that the problem exists. We become their extra set of “eyes”, sharing with them any problems we see that they may have missed.

At Coastline, we believe you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. We’ve been fortunate enough to surround ourselves with great companies like Lombardo Landscaping & Water Features, Inc. who have provided residents (and businesses) of Cape Coral & Fort Myers, landscaping services since 2006. Matt Lombardo and Coastline have been teamed up for several years.

So when we share problems with our homeowners that involve vegetation, we recommend that they contact Matt Lombardo.

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