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Tired of looking at the black spots and streaks on your home?

Need help to determine if they are caused by mold and mildew or something else?

Have you contacted a window cleaning company as to what they could be?

Coastline Black Spots

Black Spots

Coming home every night to a house with a spot or streak problem can be annoying. Working with a window washing company that just cleans windows may not be the answer to solving this problem.

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Rust Stains Can Ruin Your Home’s Curb Appeal!

Posted by Jason Evers On May 1st

Are your sprinklers leaving those annoying orange stains on your house, driveway or walkway?

Have you been looking for a way to get rid of them?

Pulling up to your house isn’t quite the same experience as it used to be – before the rust stains.

Rust Stains Before

Rust Stains – Before

You have tried washing the rust stains away, a number of times, but to no avail. They have stained every place your sprinkler sprays – the house, driveway, and walkway.

When acidic iron-rich groundwater is extracted and mixes with air, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg gas) is frequently released. The pH rises and the iron is deposited as ferric hydroxide (rust) on any flat surface as water evaporates.

Over time, this oxide coating builds up causing discoloration particularly to light-colored surfaces. Hence, you now have to deal with rust stains.

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Have you ever wondered why your hibiscus suddenly develops yellow leaves that drop to the ground? 

Or if your hibiscus is dead because it has dropped so many yellow leaves?


The tropical flair that your hibiscus adds to your landscaping is eye-catching. It’s so disappointing when you are expecting to see colorful, trumpet-shaped flowers bloom, but instead you find the leaves on your plant are turning yellow and falling off!

Why is this happening?
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Molecular Bonding Can Affect Your Gutters

Posted by Jason Evers On March 20th

Have you recently had the exterior of your gutters cleaned and still have black streaks?

Are you wondering if it’s actually the paint coming off the gutter or maybe it still has mold on it?


The black streaks are annoying. Especially when you thought you were getting the gutters cleaned, and the gutters were going to look great.

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Roof Maintenance – Preserve the Beauty of Your Roof!

Posted by Jason Evers On February 10th

When was the last time your roof was cleaned?
Do you remember how great it looked the day it was put on?
Would you like to know how to restore the beauty of your roof and preserve it?

Roof Maintenance

Keeping your roof free of mold and mildew in Southwest Florida means your roof needs to be cleaned and treated routinely. A house with a dirty roof loses it curb appeal quickly, especially when it has mold and mildew growing on it. Sometimes its difficult to find the time to stay on top of the roof maintenance required to preserve the beauty of it.
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Screen Enclosures Need to Be Checked Closely

Posted by Jason Evers On October 1st

Have you taken a close look at your screen enclosure lately? Did you check the seams to see if they are breaking loose? Have your black screens turned silver?

Screen Enclosures

At Coastline, anytime we are out pressure washing houses, we’re also cleaning the screen enclosures too. Many times we can see how Mother Nature has been at work, fading the screening and loosening the seams. What starts out as a black screen that allows the beautiful sunshine through, ends up as a silver screen with a diminished view of the sun.

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Hiring the Right People = Happy Employees

Posted by Jason Evers On March 11th

After being in business for twenty years in Southwest Florida and running a successful company, looking back this is one of the greatest lessons I have learned.

Hiring the Right People

Originally, when I was starting out, hiring the right people meant I would hire great window washers and great pressure washers. People that had experience in their field and were good at what they did. Then…

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Happy Employees Make Happy Customers

Posted by Jason Evers On January 28th

At Coastline Window Cleaning, we believe in happy employees.

Happy Employees

What we like to do every month is have a fun game to incentivize our employees to do better at their jobs. This might be something as easy as adding value while they are out at the window cleaning  job. If they see a dirty chandelier or a dirty skylight, they will offer to clean it. When the pressure washers are on a job, they may find a moldy or mildewed walkway that hasn’t been included in the job work order. They will add it on, to make sure the home owner has nice clean walkways.

These are some of the fun things we like to do with our employees. Sometimes it might be as easy as taking care of their trucks, by making sure their trucks are cleaned every Friday. It could also be who shows up early and works hard.

Now we believe in incentivizing and rewarding our employees for doing a great job. What that produces is smiling, excited, happy employees that come out to your home or any of our customers homes and they are excited to be there. They just truly love their jobs!

Is it time to have your windows cleaned or your walkways pressure washed? Contact us online or call (239) 481-0083.  Interested in getting an online quote? Go to our home page and click on “Get A Quote Now”.

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Pressure Washing for Safety Reasons

Posted by Jason Evers On December 3rd

A lot of times when Coastline Window Cleaning comes out to visit a home, we find there is mold and mildew along the driveway and walkway. It doesn’t look very nice. But what is more important for you to know is what happens to that mold and mildew when it gets wet? It gets very slippery.

Pressure Washing

The last thing we want to happen, when someone is coming to visit your house or your grandkids or your children are walking up to your front door, is that they slip or fall because of the mold and mildew. By simply putting.. Read the rest of this entry »

Roofing Maintenance Can Save You Money!

Posted by Jason Evers On October 22nd

When it comes to roofing maintenance people ask us the same thing all the time. “Do we have to get our roof cleaned?”

Roofing Maintenance

The answer is “no” if you want mold and mildew living on your roof creating an unsightly look to your home. You don’t have to clean your roof unless your HOA or neighborhood association tells you that you have to get it cleaned.

Do you remember that day you bought your home and the first time you looked at it? Your home was…

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