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Figuring out the best type of roof cleaning can be confusing. Understanding the difference between a pressure wash with high pressure and a soft wash system can help you make the right decision.

Roof Cleaning Process

There are many companies today offering roof cleaning in Southwest Florida. Most of the companies are still roof cleaning the old fashion way – pressure washing. Beware, pressure washing with high pressure has been proven to break tiles, damage roofs, and shorten the life of your roof. Do your homework, it is important that you know what process your roof cleaning company is using.

In today’s market, the most popular and most appreciated process is …

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Working with experienced roof cleaners should be one of your top priorities to ensure you have a positive experience!

Roof Cleaners

Before you hire anyone to clean your roof, it is important to know how long they have been in business. Better yet, find out how long they have been cleaning roofs. Be careful, there are a lot of companies out there that started out in the business of window washing or pressure washing and just recently added on roof cleaning.

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Conducting a reference check can seem like an overwhelming task when hiring a roof cleaning company.

Tip #2 - Reference Check

Follow our simple steps and you’ll have “peace of mind” knowing that you have hired professionals to clean your roof!

Checking references is very important. You need to ask the right questions before you hire anyone to work on your home. First, make sure you ask to see their license and insurance, which we reviewed in Tip #1. Second, ask to see their references. An easy way to do that is to check their reviews.

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Is it time to have your roof cleaned? Do you know which company to call? What questions to ask?

Roof Cleaner
Doing your homework, by researching your local companies, is time-consuming. However, knowing that you are covered when it comes to liability is invaluable. Being armed with the correct questions to ask is your first step.

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In recent months, we have noticed a lot of homes that have had black mold, at least that is what it looked like.

Roof Cleaning

Upon further inspection, we noticed that it wasn’t black mold. It was a black sooty substance from the spiraling whitefly.

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Someone recently asked me what the favorite part of my job is. I have to say that it’s taking something so dirty and making it pretty again by restoring it to it’s original beauty. This is where my true job satisfaction comes from.

Cleaning Roof Tiles         Clean Roof

Once I was on a job in Gateway, Fort Myers, Florida cleaning roof tiles on a home that had a dirty, grey roof. When the homeowners purchased the house they fell in love with the layout, the design, the landscaping, and the pool. Almost everything about this house was perfect. The only thing the homeowner didn’t like…

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Roofing Maintenance Can Save You Money!

Posted by Jason Evers On October 22nd

When it comes to roofing maintenance people ask us the same thing all the time. “Do we have to get our roof cleaned?”

Roofing Maintenance

The answer is “no” if you want mold and mildew living on your roof creating an unsightly look to your home. You don’t have to clean your roof unless your HOA or neighborhood association tells you that you have to get it cleaned.

Do you remember that day you bought your home and the first time you looked at it? Your home was…

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Selling Your Home? Make Curb Appeal a #1 Priority!

Posted by Jason Evers On July 30th

So the decision has been made, and selling your home is the answer. Now what?

selling your home

Are you trying to figure out what you can do for a minimal amount of time and money to increase the value of your home? Have you checked out your curb appeal lately? Exterior verses interior, what’s the best investment of  your money?

I have found that when you are thinking about selling your home in Lee County or Collier County, nothing sells a home better than…

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A lot of times homeowners will ask me: “Do I need to get my roof clean? Someone told me that it needs to be cleaned. I don’t see that it is dirty, and I don’t know why I am doing it.”

Roof Maintenance Program

Well, everyone has a different idea of dirty. The one thing I would tell any homeowner…

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Roof Cleaning – The True Benefits

Posted by Jason Evers On March 25th

Interested in improving your curb appeal and saving money? A roof cleaning can do just that!

Before Roof Cleaning

Before Roof Cleaning

After Roof Cleaning

After Roof Cleaning

Do you have unsightly mold and mildew on your roof? Is your white roof turning black and attracting more heat from the sun because of the mold and mildew? We understand your concern on how this can lessen your curb appeal, and increase air conditioning bills.

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