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Back in 1993, when I moved from Mt Clemens, MI to beautiful, sunny Fort Myers, FL I had the greatest intentions of opening a Little Caesar Pizza.

Coastline Window Cleaning

Unfortunately, that restaurant chain had put a hold on opening any new stores. After waiting tables and trying out professional sun bathing, (which wasn’t in high demand), I knew I needed to do something more productive with my life.

Then I was struck with another idea…

… window cleaning! I had helped my brother start his window washing business in Michigan, and realized that I could start one here in Florida – Coastline Window Cleaning.  What I thought was going to be easy, wasn’t so easy after all. Promoting my business was difficult in the beginning. However, landing a job on Sanibel Island changed that! I will never forget it, thank you Lena.

Borrowing toll money to get on the island actually helped me get my business started. I was hired to clean all the windows on Mrs. Brown’s really big house on Sanibel Island! It took a short 8 hours and 50 minutes to complete the job! She commented on my work ethic, and how grateful she was that I showed up on time and did such a great job. Before long, she told her friends about me. That is when things changed for the better. I slowly grew from one employee (myself) to at one point fifteen employees.

Today my customer base has grown to over 15,000 customers. For many of my customers like Lena, they still remember me as “Jason the Window Cleaner”, for which I am grateful. I have created a team of wonderful employees that love their jobs and serve their community. My standards have never changed. I still adhere to: “Show up on time and do a great job”!

My thanks to all my loyal customers, family, and incredible employees who have made these past twenty years truly enjoyable. I’m excited about our “20th Anniversary” and look forward to working with all of you in the years to come!

Remember, when it is time for a window cleaning or pressure washing, contact us online or call (239) 481-0083. If you want an online quote, go to our home page and click on “Get A Quote Now”.

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