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When it comes to running any business successfully, you have to have cheerleaders.

Window Cleaning Service

What I mean by that is whether you are selling a product, or you are offering a service like a window cleaning service, you always need your customers to spread the word about your service.

Our philosophy at Coastline Window Cleaning is to see each job as an opportunity to create window cleaning service cheerleaders. We focus on how we can get our customers to tell their friends, cheer on our company, and share the word that Coastline is doing a great job.

Are you following through with your customer services? Are you doing what you are suppose to be doing?

Do you routinely:

  • Follow Up
  • Show Up On Time
  • Do a Great Job
  • Complete Everything You Say You’re Going to Do

If so, this means you are pretty much doing everything right. The great thing about that is now you can create cheerleaders.

At Coastline, we focus on getting our customers to become our cheerleaders. We tell each employee to focus on it too. At the end of the day when your customer becomes your cheerleader, you know you have done something right. That’s the goal.

Like I have said before in my previous blog posts, window cleaning and pressure washing is the easy part. I feel there are a  lot of companies out there that do a great job, but many of them are just focused on the service and the quality of the product. In reality, it is the quality of the experience that changes everything. By focusing on creating window cleaning service cheerleaders, we have been able to have a very successful business.

To all our cheerleaders out there thank you so much!

Remember –

“One! Two! Three! Four! Window Cleaning is What Coastline Comes Here For!!!”

Is it time for a window washing? Call (239) 481-0083 or contact us online. Be sure to get your quote on our website by clicking “Get A Quote Now” on our home page.

Coastline Window Cleaning is a Certified Pro with Quality Service Pros!



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