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Can you remember the day you had your new carpeting installed? Has it been a while since you took a really good look at it?



At Coastline Window Cleaning, our top priority is great customer service. When we clean your windows inside, we make sure that we move your couch and chairs away from the windows before we clean them.

Many times we’ll notice that the carpet has started to fade around the furniture. We’ll see a fresh, clean patch of carpet where the furniture was, but the rest of the carpet looks sun bleached.

The first step we take is to notify the homeowner, showing them where their carpeting has faded.

Once the carpeting starts fading it limits them as to where they can move their furniture; however, it helps us. It shows us precisely where we need to place the couch and chairs so they are in the exact some place they were before we moved them.

Unfortunately for the homeowner, it does mean their carpeting is starting to wear. We recommend they contact Jay Messina, owner of Carpet Concepts. He has been able to help many of our customers with their carpet problems.

We also recommend contacting Jay for any flooring issue, whether it is carpet, wood, laminate or tile. Jay and his team will take the time to answer all your questions and find the perfect solution for your flooring needs.

The next time you need your windows cleaned,  your roof pressure washed, or any of our other services call Coastline at (239) 481-0083, or contact us online!

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