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So many times we have the opportunity to work at the most beautiful homes in Southwest Florida. The fact that we are privileged to see these beautiful homes is just one of the things that we love about our job. What we have noticed over the years is that some of these homes don’t have any outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting

It is great to have a dazzling clean roof, sparkling clean windows and a lush landscape, however, what highlights a  home is outdoor illumination. Your house will not only look beautiful during the day, but at night it will shine.

When it comes to outdoor light repairs and outdoor lighting installations, we recommend working with Scott Hoptry from Outdoor Illuminations. Scott has always been exceptionally helpful. When we are cleaning a house and find a problem with a customer’s outdoor lighting, Scott comes out, even for the smallest job, and takes care of it quickly. Scott’s best work is found in his professionally designed outdoor lighting that has illuminated some of the most beautiful homes in Southwest Florida.

If you are in the market to have your home look as spectacular at night with outdoor lighting as it does during the day with natural lighting, then contact Scott Hoptry with Outdoor Illumination. We guarantee you’ll love working with him as much as we do!

When it’s time to clean your roof or wash your windows, contact Coastline Window Cleaning. We take pride in helping our homeowners any way we can, and always have your “best interest” in mind. That’s why we only recommend companies that give superior customer service.

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