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Do you live in Southwest Florida where the direct sunlight constantly comes through your windows? Does it heat up your windows as well as the rooms in your house? When you have your windows washed, does steam form from the inside of them?

Window Tinting

Many times when you walk into a room you’ll find that you squint your eyes due to the bright sun shining directly through the window. Over time, the strong rays of the sun continually beating on your windows not only increases the temperature in your house, but also bleaches your furniture and carpeting.

A lot of homeowners don’t realize that there is a way to protect their furniture and carpeting from the direct sunlight, as well as lower the heat in their rooms. Home window tinting reduces the heat coming into the room and minimizes the direct sunlight. By applying a light coat of film to the windows, your furniture and everything else will be protected from the direct sun. It can even lower your electric bill.

At Coastline Window Cleaning, when we are cleaning your windows, and they are wet, we are watching to see if they form steam. One thing we do notice is the higher we climb the ladder as we are cleaning, the more we feel the heat, especially if we are surrounded by glass.

When steam starts forming we recommend to our clients that it is time to contact QSP member, Beverly Hills Tinting Inc. They are so helpful in assisting our customers in making the right decision regarding window tinting.

They are also very good with window treatments. Mother Nature is very hard on window treatments in Southwest Florida. Sometimes when we are taking down blinds, as we are getting ready to wash the windows, we will see that the pull cords need to be replaced or that the sun has started to rot the hinges.

First, we bring it to the attention of the homeowner and second we recommend Beverly Hills Window Tinting & Window Treatment come out. If it is just one shutter or one blind Beverly Hills is usually able to match it up, bring it out and replace it with a new piece.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Knowledge is power, and we love it when we have the opportunity to educate our homeowners by offering them solutions to any of the problems they may encounter with their home.

Is it time to have your windows washed, or your roof cleaned? Check out all our services.

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