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Have you ever wondered why your hibiscus suddenly develops yellow leaves that drop to the ground? 

Or if your hibiscus is dead because it has dropped so many yellow leaves?


The tropical flair that your hibiscus adds to your landscaping is eye-catching. It’s so disappointing when you are expecting to see colorful, trumpet-shaped flowers bloom, but instead you find the leaves on your plant are turning yellow and falling off!

Why is this happening?

At Coastline Window Cleaning, we have got the answers for you!

Hibiscus are a very sensitive plant. There can be many reasons for the yellowing from a nutrient deficiency, which can be corrected with proper fertilization, to extreme temperature swings.

Yes, believe it or not here in Florida if we have temperatures in the 90’s during the day and it drops to the 40’s at night, it will stress your hibiscus out, just like the rest of us!

Another more important reason for yellowing, especially in our business, is over saturation of water.  We clean roofs for a living, and that can put a large amount of water into the ground and on the plant at one time.

This can lead to stressing the hibiscus bush and yellowing leaves. The yellowing, however, does not mean that the plant is dead. Give it a couple of weeks, let it dry out, and then give us a call.

More often than not, a little bit of time and the beautiful Florida sun will make everything better. We guarantee it!

Coastline Window Cleaning is Here to Help You!

At Coastline, our team’s top priority is great customer service. We are a licensed and insured company that loves the opportunity to share with you our quality services, as well as useful information.

Not only do we offer window cleaning, but we also offer other ways to improve your curb appeal and increase the value of your home. Our pressure washing restores the beauty of your home. We clean building exteriors, roofs, lanais and wooden decks, screen enclosures, boat docks, driveways, stone pavers, and even light fixtures.

Certified Quality Service Pro

Coastline Window Cleaning is a Certified Pro with Quality Service Pros!

Our customers love to work with us. At Coastline, our team answers all your questions, and only use the best practices to serve you. We’ll also refer you to other companies that share our high standards, when you need them.

Contact us online or call (239) 481-0083 today to set up an appointment with Coastline! For an online quote go to our home page and click on “Get A Quote Now”.


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