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After being in business for twenty years in Southwest Florida and running a successful company, looking back this is one of the greatest lessons I have learned.

Hiring the Right People

Originally, when I was starting out, hiring the right people meant I would hire great window washers and great pressure washers. People that had experience in their field and were good at what they did. Then…

I realized after years of hiring this way that there was a better way to hire.

My experience taught me that hiring a person with the right attitude was more important and training them to do the job worked out well. I feel anyone can learn how to be a great window washer and great pressure washer. It requires learning the technique through training and repetitive motion. What you can’t train people to do is to be good, honest, hardworking, and happy people that truly enjoy what they do.

At Coastline Window Cleaning, our goal is hiring the right people. We are always looking for smiley faces and people that have our same attitude and share our passion of making our customers happy. People that really enjoy working with the customer! This has made us successful at creating a great team atmosphere with all our employees. Our business has truly become a family business.

Hiring the right people means that we are always looking for hardworking people that share our believes. Having a smile on their face is actually one of the most important traits that we look for.

Do you have a smile on your face? Do you love working with customers? Interested in joining the team at Coastline Window Cleaning? Are you a homeowner that would like to hire our hardworking team? Contact us online or call (239) 481-0083.

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