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Have you recently had the exterior of your gutters cleaned and still have black streaks?

Are you wondering if it’s actually the paint coming off the gutter or maybe it still has mold on it?


The black streaks are annoying. Especially when you thought you were getting the gutters cleaned, and the gutters were going to look great.

It is so disappointing when you pay to have a job done, and the results don’t measure up to your expectations.

Have you ever heard of molecular bonding?

Your gutters are made from aluminum and then painted the desired color, usually white.

Once the mold and mildew start to take hold on the paint, a chemical reaction occurs between the aluminum and the paint, which causes the black streaks you see on the gutters.

The reaction is called molecular bonding. It can happen even after the mold and mildew have been removed.

Never fear!  COASTLINE-MOLD-After

At Coastline Window Cleaning, we have a product that will remove those ugly black streaks and leave your gutters looking great.

The next time you want to brighten up your home by having your gutters cleaned and whitened, give us a call. We would love to beautify your home!

Coastline Window Cleaning does a great job!

Not only is Coastline a Certified Pro with Quality Service Pros, but we are also licensed and insured.

We have been offering top-quality services for your homes and businesses in Southwest Florida since 1993!

Our team is highly trained, motivated, and well mannered. They take every measure to ensure your satisfaction and exceed your expectations.

Call us today at 239-481-0083 or contact us online to schedule your appointment. You can also visit our website and click on “Get a Quote Now!”


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