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More and more people are creating outdoor living spaces. You read about it in design magazines. You see it on HGTV.

Professional Window Cleaning

A lot of my close friends are custom remodelers, here in Fort Myers. They do an excellent job of creating outdoor living spaces.

What drives me nuts as a window cleaner is that people will spend forty, fifty, hundreds of thousands of dollars on a gorgeous outdoor living space just so they can incorporate the outdoors into the indoors, but the one thing they don’t do is…

…maintain clean windows. One way to have the outdoors not look like the indoors is to have dirty windows. If anything, it is a total disconnect from what they are trying to achieve in the first place by hiring the custom remodeler to create this outdoor living space.

My suggestion to you is to get set up on a maintenance program with a professional window cleaning company to keep those windows looking good. Add the final touch to your outdoor living space that you spent so much money on, thousands and thousands  of dollars, by just spending pennies on clean windows. You can create that indoor/outdoor living space that you always wanted.

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