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When was the last time your roof was cleaned?
Do you remember how great it looked the day it was put on?
Would you like to know how to restore the beauty of your roof and preserve it?

Roof Maintenance

Keeping your roof free of mold and mildew in Southwest Florida means your roof needs to be cleaned and treated routinely. A house with a dirty roof loses it curb appeal quickly, especially when it has mold and mildew growing on it. Sometimes its difficult to find the time to stay on top of the roof maintenance required to preserve the beauty of it.
To preserve the beauty of your roof, you should consider having a roof maintenance program. A program that includes cleaning your roof, and then routinely treating your roof to kill mold and mildew.

At Coastline Window Cleaning, we love to make your roof look like the day it was put on! We recommend that you become a member in our exclusive Roof Maintenance Program.

After we clean your roof initially, for 1/3 of the price of the original clean, we will come out yearly to apply a layer of our mold and mildew inhibitor on your roof. It kills any mold or mildew which may have begun to grow.

This yearly program is fully transferable, should you decide to sell your home, by simply giving us 30 days’ written notice of the sale. The maintenance program includes a full warranty. If you start to see any mold or mildew growing on the roof prior to our yearly arrival, we will come out, and spot treat that area at no additional cost to you.

Take the worry out of keeping your home looking its best. Combine our exclusive Roof Maintenance Program with our other services.

After eliminating the mold and mildew on your roof we would love to be able to pressure clean your pool cage, pool deck, driveway, house exterior, and even clean your windows on a yearly schedule.  With our exclusive program, your house will look beautiful 365 days a year!

So call Coastline Window Cleaning today at 239-481-0083 or contact us online to schedule your appointment. Ask us about our exclusive Roof Maintenance Program. We guarantee you’ll love the results!

Get an online bid now, visit our website and click on “Get a Quote Now!” Did you know Coastline Window Cleaning is a Certified Pro with Quality Service Pros?


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