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Is it time to get your tile roof cleaned? Are you concerned that some of the tiles may be broken during the roof cleaning? Do you already have broken roof tiles?

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Broken tiles are the main concern when cleaning a tile roof. You can see in this photo how it looks before we even begin to start cleaning the algae, mold and mildew.

At Coastline, we work with Scott Otey of West Coast Florida Enterprises, Inc., a Naples roofing company, to professionally train our staff to properly walk on roofs while cleaning to ensure that we are not breaking any of the roof tiles. Unfortunately, when you have an old roof and it is starting to decay, sometimes it is impossible not to break tiles while cleaning it. Believe it or not, roof tiles expand and contract and can break on their own without anybody walking on them.

Before we get on your roof, we look to see if too many tiles are broken. We want to make sure we aren’t going to do any damage to the roof by washing it, especially if your roof needs to be replaced.

If we see this happening, we will automatically recommend Scott Otey and his great team at West Coast roofing company to come out to your home and take a look at your roof. Not only will they fix any broken tiles, but they can also share with you the current condition of your roof, how long your roof will last, and answer your questions about tile roofs.

When it is time to have your tile roof cleaned, think Coastline. We always look out for your best interest!

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