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When it comes to roofing maintenance people ask us the same thing all the time. “Do we have to get our roof cleaned?”

Roofing Maintenance

The answer is “no” if you want mold and mildew living on your roof creating an unsightly look to your home. You don’t have to clean your roof unless your HOA or neighborhood association tells you that you have to get it cleaned.

Do you remember that day you bought your home and the first time you looked at it? Your home was…

beautiful. You were so excited to move in;  you couldn’t wait to get inside. When you dusted off the plant shelves and cleaned everything, it just had that new home smell.

At Coastline Window Cleaning , we feel the same way when it comes to your roof. We want your roof to look just like it did the day you bought your house. By maintaining your roof and keeping the mold and mildew at bay, you can have that look all the time.

Have us come out and setup an annual roof maintenance plan. You’ll pay a fraction of what it costs to get the roof cleaned every three to four years. We have cleaned roofs for as low as $120 a year. The result is you have a clean roof all the time and save money.

So what does that mean to you the customer? It means when you come home your house always looks new. To me, it is like having a car and knowing it is going to be washed every three days. Your car never looks dirty. It always looks good, and that makes you feel better. We are all about making our customers feel better!

If you want to keep your roof looking good all year around, then make sure you look into our roofing maintenance program. Call (239) 481-0083 or contact us online. Be sure to get your quote on our website by clicking “Get A Quote Now” on our home page.

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