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Have you taken a close look at your screen enclosure lately? Did you check the seams to see if they are breaking loose? Have your black screens turned silver?

Screen Enclosures

At Coastline, anytime we are out pressure washing houses, we’re also cleaning the screen enclosures too. Many times we can see how Mother Nature has been at work, fading the screening and loosening the seams. What starts out as a black screen that allows the beautiful sunshine through, ends up as a silver screen with a diminished view of the sun.

A screen turns silver when it starts breaking down because of thinning, and you can almost see the texture changing. It is at this stage that the seams also start breaking loose.

When we see this happening, we recommend that you contact The Screen Doctor and have their experienced technicians come out to your home. We work with The Screen Doctor very closely, and they share our belief in excellent customer service and do a wonderful job.

At your request, The Screen Doctor will send out one of their professionals to determine if you need just one piece of your screening replaced, or all of it. They will check and repair any loose seams, making sure your screen enclosure is well-taken care of.

At Coastline, we are always looking out for your best interest. When we see any issue that needs attention, we’ll suggest one of the highly recommended companies that we work with. We know the importance of surrounding yourself  with companies that share your same values and bring you the service that you deserve.

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