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Living in Southwest Florida requires that you have a reliable heating and cooling company. You need a company that has your best interest at heart and that employs well-trained professionals that are sure to take care of  your air conditioning, heating, and air quality needs on time and at a reasonable price.

Air Conditioner Pad
Here at Coastline Window Cleaning, we recommend QSP member, Synergy Air, for your heating and cooling needs. When the Coastline team cleans the outside of your home, we also clean your air conditioner pad, an area that many companies overlook.

There are many times that we find mold and mildew growing on the outside unit, as well as on the pad. Over time this build up can lead to problems. If we find anything that alerts us to a potential problem, we bring it to your attention immediately.

We recommend that you have the Synergy Air team come out for a FREE AC System Analysis. They will be sure to let you know what they are looking for, and then educate you on what they find.

Again, it is all about protecting our homeowners by being proactive when it comes to potential problems. When we are cleaning the outside of your home we can spot problems. When was the last time you walked outside and actually looked at your air conditioning unit and pad to see if it was covered in mold or mildew? Did you see any unsightly things that might cause you concern?

At Coastline, we take pride in our work. Our employees know what they are looking for. They are happy to protect our homeowners from any possible problems they see, and even refer our homeowners to some of the best contractors in SWFL.

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