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So many times while cleaning commercial and residential buildings and homes, my employees always hear the same thing.

clean ceiling fan















“Hey, while you are up there on that ladder:

…could you clean the ceiling fan?
…could you dust that plant shelf?
…could you wipe down that chandelier?
…could you change the batteries in our smoke detectors?”

Our answer is always the same:

“Absolutely! We would be happy to do that for you”.

Meeting our customer’s needs in one of our main goals. We don’t want our customer’s getting up on a high ladder, and risk hurting themselves. So we added the services, which have almost come by accident, because we didn’t know our customer’s needed them until they said: “Hey while you are up there, could you…”.

The next time you’re thinking about getting out a six or eight foot ladder to do some of these services, like clean the ceiling fan, don’t risk hurting yourself. Leave it to the professionals. At Coastline, we’re always happy to clean anything “while we are up there”.

When you need help cleaning those hard to reach places just contact us online or call (239) 481-0083. We’ll be delighted to give you a hand. You can get your quote before we get started! Visit our website and click “Get A Quote Now”.

Coastline Window Cleaning is a Certified Pro with Quality Service Pros.


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