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How often do I need to schedule a good window cleaning?

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As a window cleaner, I am often asked these questions:

#1 – How often should I get my windows cleaned and do I need to get them cleaned on a regular basis?

The answer –
It’s hard to say whether there is a perfect system of how often you should get your windows cleaned because everyone has a different idea of what clean is. I can tell you when it comes to my personal car I like to clean it at least every three to four days, just because I like a clean car all the time. I don’t like looking through a dirty windshield.

When it comes to your homes, it depends on:

  • How often you are looking out the windows?
  • Are you staring out at the ocean or the golf course?
  • Are you enjoying a great view that is directly in your line of sight?

If you spend a lot of time sitting in a living room surrounded by sliding glass doors, I would say you probably want to get them cleaned more frequently. If you have a lot of blinds that cover your windows and you don’t open them that often, you probably don’t need to get them cleaned as often. Really it is up to the home owner or the person looking through the window.

#2 – Do I have to clean my windows?

The answer – no. But let me tell you why you would want to clean them.

There is a lot of hard water here in Florida. What happens when hard water comes out of a sprinkler system, or overspray gets on your glass, or you have run-off due to a concrete roof or metal roof?  You’ll get what is called molecular bonding. The particles come off the roof, hit the glass, and sit there. Obviously over time if you are not rinsing it or washing it off, the molecules will start to build up. The problem with the build up is once it gets to a certain stage the only way you are going to get it off is to replace the glass. That is very, very expensive!

The Answer to the Big Question

The majority of our customers clean their windows every six months. A few of them clean their windows every six months and just the outside every three months to keep the windows clean. Most of the dirt and debris usually is on the outside of the glass.

Cleaning on a regular basis, at least once a year is definitely recommended. If you can do every six months, that is the best bet! The Coastline team will be happy to help you with your windows! Let us know if you need a quote.

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