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Are some of your windows in direct sunlight?

Direct Sunlight











Does the direct sunlight shining through your windows draw attention to the dirt on them? More important – is the direct sunlight that is coming through your windows causing your carpet, furniture and window treatments to fade?

A lot of home owners will ask us when we are cleaning their windows, what can we do to stop the fading? They are tired of moving their furniture away from the window with the direct sunlight and finding spots where the carpet has faded.

First, let me explain that cleaning this type of window is the toughest window to clean for homeowners and for us. When we are up there with squeegees cleaning your windows, the sun is beating down directly on the glass.  Here in Southwest Florida the sun gets very hot. The glass gets so hot that when we put soap and water on it it starts to evaporate before we can take the squeegee out of our hand and put it against the glass. Sometimes on the inside of the window you can even see smoke coming off the glass because of the heat.

Second, let me share with you one of the things you can do to prevent this from happening and stop the direct sunlight from coming through your windows. Hire a professional window tinting company. They’ll come out and put window tinting on your windows.

Window tinting will help stop the fading of your carpets and the direct sunlight from beating down on your window treatments and furniture and aging them. Did you know that the locking mechanisms on your windows and roll up shutters can deteriorate from the sun beating on them? Tinting will help protect them too.

Personally, I know that some home owners worry that they won’t be able to touch or clean the tint once it’s applied. But you can if you know how to properly do it. In my next blog post I will talk to you on how to clean window tint safely with soap and water.

Now back to window cleaning and why it’s important to get your windows tinted.

The benefits of window tinting:

  • Lower your electric bill and save money
  • Help stop the fading and deterioration of your furnishing
  • Keep your windows nicer
  • Make it easier for the window cleaners

This is why a lot of the time we’ll refer our home owners to window tinting. Especially those windows that are in the areas where the rooms are so hot they are deteriorating and fading out the carpet or furniture.

Window tinting is just one of those extra things that a home owner might not know is available. Remember, it’s also a great way to save money, take care of your windows, and make it easier for window cleaners!

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