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Someone recently asked me what the favorite part of my job is. I have to say that it’s taking something so dirty and making it pretty again by restoring it to it’s original beauty. This is where my true job satisfaction comes from.

Cleaning Roof Tiles         Clean Roof

Once I was on a job in Gateway, Fort Myers, Florida cleaning roof tiles on a home that had a dirty, grey roof. When the homeowners purchased the house they fell in love with the layout, the design, the landscaping, and the pool. Almost everything about this house was perfect. The only thing the homeowner didn’t like…

…was the nasty, dreary, drab, grey roof.

When they hired Coastline Window Cleaning to come out and clean their roof, I had cleaned so many homes in this neighborhood, I knew that the roof was really white. My crew climbed up to the roof, cleaned it by applying our cleaning solution, and removed all the dirt.

The homeowner wasn’t home when the job was completed. But when she did come home, to her surprise, not only did she have a clean roof but a beautiful white tile roof. She was delighted. Under that dirty, grey roof was the white roof she had always wanted! When she called me, I could feel her “joyfulness” coming through the phone. She thought her house looked beautiful.

I have always taken great pride in making homes look beautiful and getting rid of the mold and mildew. Hearing it from a customer, who was so excited to find out that her dirty, grey roof was really white and beautiful, makes cleaning roof tiles all the more worthwhile.

When you are ready to see the difference a clean roof makes, contact us online or call (239) 481-0083. Would you like an online quote? Go to our home page and click on “Get A Quote Now”.

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